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Training Groups and Schedule

Training Information

We have five groups for youth swimmers with differing levels of experience and an Adult Masters Program:

  • Splash - this training group is meant to bridge the gap between lessons and our entry-level training group, Novice. Splash swimmers are not able to attend meets until they graduate to Novice.  
    • This training group practices Tuesday and Thursday for 1 hour each day. 
    • Costs is $85/month.
  • Novice - this is our entry-level group and is for the swimmer who has passed the highest level of swim lessons or has equivalent skills and may be ready to try competition. Practice will focus on learning all four competitive strokes, starts and finishes, flip turns and diving.  
    • This training group practices Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 1 hour each day. 
    • Costs is $105/month.
  • Fitness - this training group is reserved for athletes participating in high school or middle school sports (middle school athletes must have coach permission to participate in this group). A PSSC coach will provide a workout and have minimal interaction. Swimmers must be able to read and follow the provided workout.  
    • This training group practices Tuesday and Thursday + an optional Saturday practice for 1.5 hours each day. 
    • Costs is $80/month.
  • Junior - this training group focuses on the development and refinement of the basic competitive swimming techniques in all strokes, starts and turns.  Swimmers must demonstrate ability to participate in higher level conditioning sets. 
    • This training group practices Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for 1.5 hours each day + an optional Saturday practice. 
    • Cost is $120/month.  
  • Senior - this is our highest-level training group and is for committed athletes. Technique continues to be foundational to  the practice, yet drills become part of building stamina and speed. Swimmers need to be self-motivated and ‘own’ swimming as their sport without parental pressure to attend either practice or meets. 
    • This training group practices Monday through Friday + an optional Saturday for 2 hours each day. 
    • Cost is $140/month.
  • Adult Masters - PSSC offers an Adult Masters Program (for 18+ years old) - no tryout required.  See our Adult Masters page for additional information.
  • 2024 Summer Swim Programs - PSSC is offering 2 different 6-week youth training programs this summer - no commitment or tryout required.  Pleas see our 2024 Summer Swim Programs page for additional information.

If you'd like to join our team, schedule a tryout.